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What Kim For Canberra Stands For

As an Independent, non partisan voice, I will:

1. Stand Up For Canberra

I will ensure that Canberrans’ needs, not the parties’ needs, are put first - something current ACT Senators cannot guarantee. I will bring my constituents’ voices directly into Parliament — not requiring approval by the major parties.

Kim for Canberra means standing up for Canberra’s great national institutions, including the Public Service, and for tourism, culture and the arts. I will stand up for gaining extra representation for Canberra, pushing for at least two more ACT Senators and giving Canberra the numbers to prevent the Federal Parliament overriding the democratic choices of Canberra voters.

2. Make Our Parliament Work For People – Not Parties

Kim for Canberra stands for making Parliament truly representative and a model workplace. I aim to break the policy deadlock and clear the way forward on urgent issues including — climate change, gender equity, citizenship, refugee policy, economic and cultural renewal and constitutional change — including a First Nations Voice to Parliament. I will advocate for inclusion over exclusion as a guiding principle.

3. Inclusion Over Exclusion

I wants our laws to reflect Australian society today and not the 1890s. I will work to update our constitution & will bring her advocacy around gender, Indigenous Australians, people of CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) backgrounds directly into Parliament.