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Volunteer Calendar

There are many ways to volunteer for Kim for Canberra on the ground

1. You can put up a Kim for Canberra Yard Sign at your house

2. You can participate in or organise a stall at a local shopping centre. See Stalls included below. 

3. You can sign up to do a letter-boxing route

4. You can organise your own Kim for Canberra visibility activity or join one created by a fellow volunteer.

Perhaps this is a walk with your friends, a group coffee in the t-shirt, trivia nights at the local pub or community centre, picnics, dog walks, craft groups to make purple decorations for events, the list is endless.

Remember of course the volunteer mission statement while participating in any of these activities. (It is really essential that all volunteers whenever they represent the campaign, act in accordance with the values and positivity of the campaign)

There are currently no upcoming events.