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Today in Canberra, Professor Kim Rubenstein, announced her intention to run for an ACT Senate seat at the next Federal election with the creation of a new independent party, Kim for Canberra.

Professor Kim Rubenstein announced her Senate bid today in Canberra also announcing the formation of a new Kim for Canberra party to boost her chances of election. While Kim is fiercely independent, current voting rules mean that only registered parties are placed on an equal footing with the major parties above-the-line.

"I will need 1500 registered unaligned voters to join the party, given the newly introduced amendments to the Electoral Act, in order for it to be formally recognised by the Electoral Commission. It takes a minimum of three months, so the sooner I get people to join, the better," Kim said.

She wants to change the way Parliament works — from the current combative policy inertia to finding real solutions to the many challenges facing Australia. "I will bring a willingness and ability to engage with all parties in a way that is respectful, collaborative and reflects the expectations of Canberrans in good government."

Faced with bushfires — catastrophic evidence of climate change, starkly emphasised by the IPCC report handed down last week — a disastrous pandemic, systemic issues of sexual harassment and misconduct in our parliament and beyond, claims of corruption, and growing disparities of treatment among our citizenry, Australians have craved — and been denied — leadership.

"We all want a federal parliament where decisions truly represent community voices, as well as the best research and expertise. But our political parties have lost touch with people. The shortcomings of the way we conduct our government is reflected through toxic boys clubs, powerful corporate lobbyists and party-machines who are threatening all of us and the generations to come. It’s time for an independent voice who will listen to her community and bring her skills and advocacy to Parliament."

"I will not be hamstrung by old party lines but will make decisions based on reason, collaboration with community members and engagement with the evidence and, most importantly, by genuinely engaging with the many diverse people and communities that make up the ACT."

Kim is passionate about standing up for Canberra. It is both "misrepresented and under-represented — misrepresented and demeaned as the Canberra bubble; under-represented in that it has two senators to Tasmania’s 12 and has been taken for granted by the two major parties because they have been assured of getting one Senate seat each."

"Canberra’s population has more than doubled since 1975 when we got our first representatives. We need more ACT Senators to ensure that the voice of a small jurisdiction like the ACT is properly heard and to make sure that Australia is better governed."

A Canberra voice our politicians don’t want to hear is that of our great public service. Kim is listening. "We don’t want our public service to be stretched and stressed by arbitrary staff ceilings. We want to bring back frank and fearless advice — not having our government departments being pushed around by ministers’ staffers, or having their role outsourced, privatised and shrouded in secrecy."

"I am asking Canberrans to join me on this journey up the hill to Parliament House. I will work with and for all the people of Canberra — who have been under-represented in the Senate for too long — and for all Australians, at home and abroad."

Kim’s platform will concentrate on three key tenets: standing up for Canberra; making parliament work for people — not parties; and bringing Australia into the 21st Century.

Kim wants to galvanise the people of the ACT to consider a new brand of politics, stepping away from the duopoly of the Liberal and Labor parties, and strengthen the sensible influence of the cross-bench, searching for consensus and cooperation.

Doing things differently requires active participation and support from all Canberrans. Kim is keen to hear from Canberrans to join the party, volunteer their skills — as campaigners, community and digital organisers and donate their time and money to make Kim for Canberra a reality. She also wants to model active citizenship starting with campaigning in a carbon neutral way and is taking expert advice on how to do so in a verifiable and accountable manner.

Voters can join the party, offer to volunteer and show their support by visiting

Kim will be hosting a webinar this Wednesday night - 18th August at 8pm titled: Improving our Democracy: Lessons from Independents and will be joined by Independents: Helen Haines MP, Dr Kerryn Phelps AM and Zali Steggall MP, details of which can be found at her website and Facebook page.


For more information, contact Isabelle Walker, Media Advisor: 0402 298 931

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Rubenstein_Kim1

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