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Kim For Canberra FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Kim for Canberra Party and how to vote for it. 

Which Kim should I vote for? 

We’re asking you to Vote 1 above the line for the Kim for Canberra party. Kim Rubenstein is the party’s main candidate. Kim Huynh (Kimbo) is supporting her. Other parties have similar arrangements. But as ground-breaking as it might seem , we believe that ultimately, it’s up to you!

How did the Kim for Canberra party get going? 

Kim Rubenstein made history as the first ever independent to form a party in Canberra’s history. Kim for Canberra quickly gained 500 members and, when the rules changed, grew by more than 1,000 members to become registered on 18 March 2022. 

How does your partnership work? 

Kim and Kimbo have been friends and colleagues for fifteen years. In fact, Kimbo’s son inherited Kim’s children’s Lego and totem tennis set. Together they are committed to getting Kim Rubenstein elected to the Upper House where her priority will be to increase Canberra’s representation from two seats to four. Kim has drafted the bill (hyperlink) already! So Canberra will get double the Kims and most importantly it will get double the democracy and diversity. 

Why did Kimbo join? 

Kim and Kimbo have long discussed running together. However, when Kimbo’s father had a stroke in 2021 his caring responsibilities became a priority. With his father’s health improving, the election looming, and the Australian Electoral Commission requiring parties to have multiple candidates to be above the line, Kimbo joined Kim for Canberra. 

Do I have to be named “Kim” to join the party?  

You are welcome regardless of what your name is. And you can make a great contribution as a party member, volunteer, or donor

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