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Display a Sign

Thank you for showing your support of Kim for Canberra by displaying a Kim for Canberra Yard Sign (corflute) at your home or business. 

Please provide your details so we can deliver the Yard Sign to your door. 

Let's turn this town Purple!

*Signs will be collected after the election and will be re-used/ re-purposed.*


Who's joining
Miles Sullivan
Sean Ni
Maryanne Anita Buda
Karina Harris
Michael Stenning
Ruth Morschel
Jenny Cooper
Claire Harris
Peter Yuile
Blake Tozer
Chloe Burns
Jen Scheele
James Ellis
Jane Clifton-Bassett
Anne Reese
Doug Hodgson
Margot Todhunter
Kathleen Bhagat
Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt
Olivia Bowen
Robert Wilton
Michele Smith
Kim Mitchell
Carolyn Sakkara
Dougald O'Reilly
Tanya Mark
Jude Dodd
Penny Lockwood
Jenny Cahill
Margaret Adamson