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Climate action: urgency now or wait and see?

Join us for an open dialogue around climate change. Share your perspectives on Tuesday April 19 from 6:30pm in civic.
We want YOUR voice to be at the 'table'!
All voices from all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged!



Over the last few years, we have seen a heightened politicisation of policy issues, including how best to act on climate change.

This event aims to gather members of the Canberra community to discuss  concerns, and how we can work together on policy issues that affect us all.

We aim to create a safe and inclusive space for people of all backgrounds and perspectives to come together. All voices and views are welcomed and encouraged. 

A message from Kim:

"I am wanting to create an environment where various voices are given a space to talk about issues underpinning our diversity, yet promoting and encouraging inclusivity. In this meeting I am wanting to ensure that all of us in the room have the opportunity to engage with core issues for our community through listening to and sharing a range of points of view.

In addition to participating in this experience, I am hoping it will guide us, and me, in thinking about the ways we can improve our Parliament in the way politicians act and determine how best to move forward on decisions affecting all of us, including climate action.

One of the key reasons I have decided to run as an Independent to represent the ACT in the Senate, is my belief that there is a better way to ‘do politics.’

If elected, I would have a role to play in the Senate in passing every piece of legislation.  With that influence, and in all that I do as a Senator, I hope to change the way we talk about and ‘do’ politics inside and outside Parliament."

I really hope you can join us for this experience.

Please note that whilst Kim for Canberra are hosting the event, it is about modelling ways to discuss policy issues and views expressed will be that of the community not representative of Kim for Canberra. This is an invitation for all to speak.

In order to make this an inclusive experience, expectations will be set to create a space for respectful conversations. Discriminatory language and derogatory statements toward other members of the community will not be accepted under any circumstances.

April 19, 2022 at 6:30pm - 8pm
Community Hall, Griffin Community Centre
20 Genge St
Canberra , ACT 2601
Google map and directions
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Will you come?

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